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We have been using the transcription service of MDofficeManager in our Internal Medicine practice for the past two years. The quality of reports has always been excellent. The reports are accurate and turnaround time is exceptional. Our office members are very happy. The support staff is always pleasant, kind and helpful when we have any concerns at all. This service has been an excellent addition to our practice and we would recommend the service to other healthcare professionals without hesitation. Thanks to all the personnel at MDofficeManager for the hard work they do.
Internal Medicine, Louisville, KY
The quality and service is excellent! It has been a pleasure working with MDofficeManager. They accommodate all requests, no matter how small or how large the practice. MDofficeManager provides customized solutions. They are easy and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend this company for its professional, timely and accurate service.
Geriatrics Group, Baltimore, MD
The choice of hand-held digital recorders or a toll-free call-in line allows for both flexibility and convenience. To the amazement of our professional staff, work is routinely returned in less than the guaranteed 24 hours. Working with MDofficeManager has improved our office efficiency and cost savings.
Outpatient Surgical Center, Evansville, IN
Our practitioners have utilized the outstanding services of MDofficeManager for the past four years and have been greatly satisfied. Our reports are always accurate and returned on time. The personal support is fabulous. The account representative is always there to answer any questions we have. Unlike companies we previously worked with, MDofficeManager truly delivers what they promise. I would recommend their services to anyone
Orthopedic Surgery, Louisville, KY
Locating a reliable transcription company that can handle multi-location Oncology practices was a daunting task for me. I was looking for high quality, quick turnaround time and reliable support. MDofficeManager provided us the web-based transcription solution that has immensely improved our workflow efficiency. They are our true partners in our first step towards EMR & paperless document management The quality of MDofficeManager documentation has been superb with fast turnaround. This is further supported by an excellent support team!
Cancer Center, Louisville, KY
I had been very frustrated with a medical transcription company because of their poor quality and service. An associate recommended a transcription company based in Metro Louisville, KY. Initially, my account specialist Kim (MDofficeManager) worked very closely with my team and delivered a customized transcription solution that met our needs in record time. In addition to implementing the solution, they trained my staff and ensured that the visiting surgeons got proper training. This ensured a very smooth and efficient transition from the old to the new transcription company. Now if any one asks me about transcription, I immediately refer them to MDofficeManager.
Nephrology, Nashville, TN
Whenever a change is requested, it is done within 24 hours and never has to be mentioned again. We have found this company to be reliable, fast & extremely customer service oriented. The rates are very competitive when compared with other transcription services.
Orthopedic Surgeons, Nashville, TN
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