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Practice Management Software

Cutting-edge Practice Management Software

Our cutting-edge technology PMS is developed by highly experienced 500+ medical providers, software engineers, and a Revenue Cycle Management team for the new era of PMS and RCM companies. It is designed to assist healthcare facilities in achieving maximum practice management and billing efficiency. Our Customizable, affordable, trusted, and proven Practice Management solutions help simplify the way you run your practice regardless you are using any EMR or not

The current competitive healthcare market and the latest compliance requirements are fulfilled by enabling your healthcare facility to keep up with rapid change, improving patient satisfaction with technology-enabled practice management software. 

It’s simplifying booking appointments, automated appointment reminders, claim scrubbing, automated ERA and easy EOB payment posting, AR management, Appeal, and denial management type of billing-related task management so practices are free to focus on what matters most is patient care.

MDofficeManager PMS and GeeseMed EMR, offer stand-alone Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Record(EMR) solutions that help you keep your reimbursements flowing while streamlining the complex processes your practice faces today and the highest productive for the staff and providers. It has improved productivity by up to 35%

The PMS which improves revenue streams for Billing Services

MDofficeManager PM Software is serving multiple RCM service companies across the country to deliver excellent financial outcomes for their clients. Our single sign-on (SSO) and Al-a-carte service model RCM service companies can provide transparent medical billing services to their clients. Our affordable medical practice management solutions scale so that your billing company, and your customers, thrive whether your business services a handful of medical facilities or hundreds of healthcare providers, we have the perfect solution for you and your client.

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