Why MDofficeManager?

Why choose MDofficeManager for medical transcription? What makes us the leading choice for medical records departments nationwide? Here are some of the top reasons hospitals and medical practices across the United State trust us with this critical process.

Quality: Our dedicated team of transcriptionists is among the industry’s most talented. With many bringing 30+ years of experience in transcription and quality control, our standards remain some of the highest in the industry.

Control: For the first time, everything from dictation, to transcription, to managing transcription records is completely automated. Providing a transparent view that lets you always know who, what, where and when for every document.

Fully HIPAA compliant: MDofficeManager helps you meet your transcription requirements at the highest levels of security and confidentiality.

Guaranteed 4 to 48 hour turnaround with 99+% accuracy:
Quality and speed that exceed standards established by the medical transcription industry.

Integrates with your existing medical information systems:
Support for HL7 lets you easily share transcription records with other medical information systems—including bedside care products, data repositories, or other enterprise systems.

Unbreakable technology platform: Robust document management and security features include 256-bit and triple DES encryption. Dual-redundant hardware ensures uninterrupted dictation, transcription and document management availability. Meets the high standards required for HIPAA compliance.

Training: We continuously train and test each team member on a number of disciplines to match their specific talents to your specific needs. Through this process, we are able to provide you with expert transcription in any field you require.

MDofficeManager transcription solutions can easily work with your transcription team, ours or whatever combination of resources you choose: It’s your choice–whether you want to completely outsource all your transcription to us, manage your own resources using our system, or a combination in between.

No capital investment whatsoever: Everything can be accessed over standard Internet connections using the hardware and systems you already have.

Can deliver an average savings of 30% over other transcription strategies: Our technology and outsourcing model gives you incredible efficiencies compared to homegrown solutions.

Real Time Transparency at every step or the process – Easily verified and audited billing practices: MDofficeManager offers various billing options to client as AAMT standard, ASCII characters, per black character, etc.

A dedicated management team: We’re your company and your team – totally dedicated to your success.