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Virtual Medical Scribe for Providers

A virtual scribe listens in real-time to the patient visit, and enters information into the EMR as directed by the physician.

The GeeseMed EMR was built from the ground up for scale. It was designed for healthcare practices and facilities just like yours, with the latest cloud-based technology and complete compatibility with both Windows and Mac computers.We have add on services as virtual scribe, CCM, RPM, and appointment reminder built in with GeeseMed EMR.

What is Virtual Medical Scribe?

Unlike a standard medical scribe, a virtual scribe provides real-time administrative help without being present. During the appointment, our scribes are connected virtually to record all information from the patient visit. They enter data in your EMR, provide medical transcription, and record medical records. They can become an integral, virtual part of the team.

How does a Virtual Medical Scribe work?

  • A virtual scribe will connect to your appointment virtually via a HIPPA-compliant app that works across smartphone and tablet operating systems as well as on both Mac and PC computers.
  • The physician can focus on their patient while our virtual medical scribes document in real-time during the appointment in your EMR, and allowing them to see more patients daily.
  • Physicians review and update (if required) the virtual medical scribe’s work just like they would for an on-site scribe. This eliminates further administrative and documentation work, increases billing accuracy and thus optimizes both the speed and amount of reimbursement.


Virtual Medical Scribe Benefits

Virtual scribes offer the benefits of reduced cost, increased flexibility, and the ability to reduce training time. A virtual scribe program can offer the physician the ability to increase revenue, improve work-life balance and decrease physician burnout.

Voice Recognition Technology (AI based):

Speech-to-text capabilities allow the provider to dictate in real-time while treating the patient, saving hours per day in documentation. Provider spends more quality time with patient, staff, and family. Medical terminology trained scribes compose your progress notes and orders based upon the in-room conversation. Provider is able to fully focus on the patient. GeeseMed gets the provider off the keyboard or clipboard and allows them to be fully present with their patients while maximizing visit value.

Integrates into existing workflow:

Comprehensive notes and orders integrate into GeeseMed (GISMed) or any other EMR.

High Quality Documentation:

The remote scribe completes the patient encounter in real time by transcribing the salient portions of the provider’s dictation. This eliminates the need for written notes or paper scripts for recollection purposes. Increased provider productivity leads to higher patient volumes and provider quality of life. Recent data shows increases in revenue by up to 20% and savings of up to two hours per clinic day.

Lower Cost:

Increase revenues as they aid physician to see more patients, improve their coding and billing, the virtual scribe provides more options for the physician.

Minimal Training:

GeeseMed EMR add on virtual scribe is familiar with the physician’s workflow and documentation preferences.

AI-assisted technology and qualified scribes hybrid combination prepare provider’s documentation by converting your patient conversations into notes, prepare orders, referrals, and more.

  • Increased Focus on Patient Care/ Communication
  • Increase Patients Seen & Practice Revenue
  • Increased Physician Satisfaction & Physician/Staff Relationship
  • Improved Chart Quality & Compliance
  • Charts completed by the time the patient leaves!
Virtual Medical Scribe Work Flow
  1. Increased Focus on Patient Care/ Communication
  2. Increase Patients Seen & Practice Revenue
  3. Increased Physician Satisfaction & Physician/Staff Relationship
  4. Improved Chart Quality & Compliance
  5. Charts completed by the time the patient leaves!
  6. Increased Focus on Patient Care/ Communication
  7. Increase Patients Seen & Practice Revenue
  8. Increased Physician Satisfaction & Physician/Staff Relationship

Virtual Medical Scribe Implementation Timeline

Integrate Your EMR System With Virtual Scribe Services

Currently we have 100+ HIS system API integration. Our open architecture API allows integration with any EMR

Major HIS systems

           • Allscripts
           • Cerner
           • ChartScript
           • EPIC
           • CPSI
           • Dolbey fusion
           • Centricity
           • GeeseMed
           • GEMMS
           • HMS
           • MediTech
           • Radwhere
           • SIEMENS EDM
           • Sorian
           • SoftMed
           • Healthland
           • McKession
           • Sectra
           • SEQUEST

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