GeeseMed EHR & MDofficeManager PMS

Electronic Health Record:

The GeeseMed cloud-based Electronic Health Record system seamlessly transforms your practice. It is compatible with all Windows and Mac computers. Additionally, it is intuitive, easy to use and extremely user-friendly. Our five-click data policy allows users to retrieve or enter data within five clicks.

Our GeeseMed EHR enhances productivity with a powerful knowledgebase template library and macros. GeeseMed was developed by a consortium of providers. The focus was placed in the areas of creating a user-friendly, high-performance and reliable system. It was designed for specialty-specific solutions at a fraction of the cost, vis-à-vis over other EHR systems. Our service model is SaaS based, which eliminates costly, up-front hardware & software investments.

Since our GeeseMed EHR is cloud-based, exorbitant costs on hardware are eliminated. This translates into no time or energy wasted on set-up, maintenance, security monitoring or data-backup. Our dedicated Account Managers will provide unparalleled service & will become well-acquainted with the workflow of each of your offices, thereby expediting the implementation process. Our 24/7 and 365 day, phone, email, IM and SMS support are all available.

The GeeseMed patient portal provides real-time access to each patient for their medical record, lab results, family, social, medication, and surgical histories, electronic prescription, request for appointment and other useful information. The provider can securely share the transmission of information of labs, visit notes, letters related to patient and other primary or specialty care provider, hospital, and other stakeholders, in order to deliver enhanced care per the request of every patient. GeeseMed EHR is Meaningful Use 2015-certified and comes with MIPS, ICD-10 and inter-operability with other EHR systems, and our assurances that our team will maintain the knowledge-base necessary to keep up with the technological changes and advancements.

Electronic prescription:

Our e-Rx and EPCS module allows providers to send prescriptions nationwide to any pharmacy, including mail order pharmacies. Our EPCS module allows each provider to eliminate the outdated paper Rx which helps to avoid fraud or human error. It makes sending, renewing/refill an RX uncomplicated and effortless.

Prescription eligibility check

Controlled substance e-prescribing

Medical history check from pharmacies

Refill request management by pharmacies & patient portal

Electronic Prior Authorization

Medication reconciliation

Complete medication history from pharmacies

Mail order and retail pharmacies

PDR and medication coupon available

Up-to-date drug knowledge-base

Medication reminder alert

The GeeseMed e-Rx advanced module and safety features ensure utmost quality and reliability. Prescription benefits, prescription history, formulary, eligibility, adverse reactions (drug-drug; drug-allergy, drug-diagnosis) and recommended dosages are provided. Electronic Laboratory:

Electronic Laboratory:

Our electronic lab modules can interface with innumerable laboratories. Our lab interfacing technology allows you to connect with your primary labs, which permits the sending of orders and receiving results electronically.

Laboratory module features such as trending and task assignment, insert provider comments, normal and abnormal results search will allow you to deliver safer and more reliable care. You can send messages to staff to schedule follow up visit or share lab results in a patient portal.

Health Information Exchange & Interoperability:

GeeseMed is designed for next-generation interoperability and the exchanging of information in various secure methods. GeeseMed enables a seamless information exchange across various stakeholders as follows.


Referring providers

Referring facilities (e.g. physician practices, LTC facilities, hospitals)




Imaging or radiology department

DICOM compliant imaging equipment

Health information exchanges

Immunization registries

Electronic devices

Provider Dashboard:

We keep you organized and up to date on daily tasks. Use the GeeseMed EHR provider and user dashboards to track your daily tasks, messages, chart, refill, lab results, alert-N-reminder, referrals, appointments, & other high-priority items.

Secure Electronic Fax:

Our secure electronic fax module saves time, money, and paper. You can securely send, receive, save and organize inbound and outbound documents with merely a couple of clicks. The secure electronic fax service assists with regard to being PHI and HIPAA compliant. It is cost- effective eliminating the need for outdated fax equipment.

Secure Message:

The provider and staff can securely communicate with one another by using secure message and share tasks. No more phone calls or unsecured texting. The provider can make a request the receptionist to schedule a follow-up, lab or radiology test, or other appointment. All communication is securely documented the system for future reference.