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Sphere Joins with MDofficeManager for Seamless Payment Experience

Sphere, a leading provider of end-to-end integrated payments and security software, today announced it has teamed up with MDofficeManager, a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management solutions serving outpatient medical practices, ambulatory surgery centers, and healthcare facilities. Together, Sphere and MDofficeManager off er secure payment acceptance within their medical billing services, providing an efficient and intuitive addition to an already robust solution.

Benefits of the MDofficeManager and Sphere integration include:
 Flexible —supports in-person and online patient payments
• Compliant —uses encrypting card readers for in-person payments and Premium Hosted Payment Page for online payments to separate payment card data from provider environments.
These solutions minimize scope for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
• Secure —supports tokenization for safe recurring payment cycles and batch activity

For more than 20 years, MDofficeManager’s revenue cycle management software promotes efficiency and reduces cost by facilitating information exchange and seamless communications between healthcare participants.

“Providing a seamless patient financial experience is becoming more and more important as healthcare providers look to deliver modern billing workflows to their staff and patients,” said Anthony Lucatuorto, President of Sphere’s Integrated Health Division. “Sphere is pleased to partner with MDofficeManager to support their innovative work to drive a better payment and user experience while reducing compliance and security risks.”

“As a cloud-based Electronic Medical Record and Revenue Cycle Management service provider, our solutions allow patients to securely access statements, pay online bills, set up payment plans and see their transaction history. This helps our clients to reduce A/R and improve
revenue,” said Suhas Gandhi, COO & CTO of MDofficeManager

About Sphere

Sphere is a cloud-based, vertically integrated software and payments technology company serving a variety of complex end markets with an established market leading presence in the healthcare and non-profit sectors.

Sphere was formed in 2017 after a few strategic acquisitions, and today offers benefits to our partners and customers via three key sub-brand companies that have been established for over 20 years.

Sphere is trusted by more than a third of the 100 largest health systems in the US and thousands of independent medical providers across the country to facilitate and drive secure payments by having our software solutions highly integrated into our clients’ workfl ows, patient billing systems, and electronic health records. Our integrated software and payments suite helps
organizations increase payment collection while delivering best in class security, compliance instruments, and a single payment stack standardized for reporting and reconciliation. Sphere also provides fundraising software solutions and tools to 8,000 nonprofits in the US and Canada
and maintains key integrations in high growth verticals like insurance, parking and transportation.

Our sub brands include:
• TrustCommerce®, the leading healthcare gateway and merchant processing provider with native EMR integrations at large integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and acute care facilities.
• Health iPASS, a fully integrated suite of patient engagement software solutions to streamline
the patient experience while driving patient payment yield.
• Qgiv, a leading digital fundraising platform offering nonprofits a platform designed to increase
online donations and payments.

Sphere is a Waud Capital Partners private equity portfolio company, that is an innovative team comprised of payments, healthcare, and technology experts with a mission to capitalize on the acceleration and digital transformation of a fully integrated payment and software experience for our clients.

About MDofficeManager
MDofficeManager is founded in 2001 by medical, IT professionals, and group of providers with a goal to helps provide a technology and customize tools to improve provider and staff productivity and revenue of the facility. MDofficeManager off er lowest cost of ownership, no upfront cost and improving efficiency service model provides guaranteed savings up to 30+% saving.