How can MDofficeManager help you to achieve this?

MDofficeManager medical transcription services provide tools like ADT interfaces, partial dictation with Discrete Reportable Transcription (DRT), CDA documents, HL7 interfaces, etc. These tools allow providers to maintain consistency by continuing to dictate patient notes. These dictated narrative reports can be used to maintain an up-to-date problem list of current & active diagnoses, active medications & allergy lists as a structured data. This is much more efficient compared to point-and-click boilerplate which is eating up providers’ time and attention leading to revenue loss.

Let MDofficeManager’s dedicated team & best-of-breed resources work your dictated summaries & seamlessly integrate these notes into your EHR system’s forms, fields, and records.

Benefits of MDofficeManager Medical Transcription for Meaningful Use:

Providers can spend more time with their patients it improves patient care and satisfaction. Full Story.

According to research, dictation saves an hour of a provider’s day compared to point-&-click with an EHR system Increased Revenue, productivity, & satisfaction.

Providers can review e-Edit & e-Sign report from patient chart of EHR

Providers can dictate as many always have, enabling them to be more productive. EHR Adoption.

Documented encounters capture the complete, cognitive analysis of clinicians instead of by “one-size-fits-all” templates. Improved Top-Line Coding.

Do you meet MIPS incentives requirement and compliance?

Visit time per patient = 15 minutes Average billing amount per visit = $80